Mr Green’s €3 Million Kick-Off

It’s game on in Mr Green’s €3 Million Kick-Off, choose any of our Drops & Wins LIVE Casino games to score your share of the prize pool.

Simply opt in in-game to join Mr Green’s weekly tournaments and find all the details on how to win, including the required minimum spin values, in the participating games chosen. Choose any of this week’s games and get ready to put the ball in the back of the net!

Promotional Terms & Conditions

  • The promotion is valid from 19:01 on the 3rd of June until 18:59 17th of November (CEST)
  • This is a network promotion and includes players from multiple Casino providers
  • The Promotion includes multiple weekly tournaments
  • To participate in any Weekly Tournaments in the Network Promotion, players must open any of the participating games and join/opt in.
  • Prizes: The total prize pool for the entire Network Promotion is three million Euros
  • The Network Promotion prizes may be won by players in the form of fixed cash amounts as set out in-game
  • All prizes won during the Network Promotion Term must be paid out as a fixed cash amount prizes with no wagering requirements
  • Each Qualifying Week within the Network Promotion Term includes four (4) separate Weekly Tournaments, where each separate Weekly Tournament is dedicated to a specific Live Casino Game or game category: Weekly Roulette Tournament; Weekly Mega Wheel Tournament; Weekly Baccarat Tournament and Weekly Blackjack Tournament.
  • A minimum of two (2) Consecutive Qualifying Wins (as defined hereunder) received after placing two (2) Qualifying Bets (as defined hereunder) during a Weekly Tournament may allow a player to rank on the leaderboard of that respective Weekly Tournament
  • Minimum bet can be found in-game
  • A minimum of two consecutive wins are required when playing roulette, only one consecutive win is required for any other qualifying game categories
  • In the event that an incorrect game round result, as determined in Pragmatic Play’s sole discretion, is registered in the respective game, the Consecutive Qualifying Win streak and the points on the respective Weekly Tournament leaderboard shall not be adjusted.
  • Scores are re-set every promotional week
  • Prizes will be distributed to winners according to their position in the leaderboard, when each Weekly Tournament ends
  • The point distribution for Consecutive Qualifying Wins is given to players as per the table below whereby the number of points grows exponentially, points are collected as follows: 2 wins = 1 point | 3 wins = 2 points | 4 wins = 5 points | 5 wins = 15 points | 6 wins = 50 points | 7 wins = 200 points | 8 wins = 750 points | 9 wins = 2,500 points | 10 wins = 8,000 points | 11 wins = 25,000 points | 12 wins = 50,000 points | 13 wins = 100,000 points | 14 wins = 200,000 points | 15 wins+ =  500,000 points
  • The leaderboard is updated within one minute from latest Consecutive Qualifying Win and players can view the leaderboard for each tournament separately at any time of their own choosing when playing the participating game(s).
  • In the event of two (2) or more players finishing a Weekly Tournament on the same leaderboard position, the player who has achieved the score first, will receive the higher prize.
  • If the prize pool of a specific Weekly Tournament has not been fully distributed at the end of the said Weekly Tournament, any surplus funds will be transferred to the prize pool of a later Stage at Pragmatic Play’s sole discretion.
  • Players have unlimited retries during a qualifying tournament period to improve their own scores
  • Weekly Roulette Tournament
  • Bets on 1:1 odds bets (Red/Black, Odd/Even, 1:18/19:36) shall not be counted and if placed during a winning streak will discontinue the streak
  • Weekly Blackjack Tournament:
    • Only Main Bets and Bets Behind qualify
    • Side bets do not qualify
    • Only bet stakes that return more than the original stake qualify
    • A bet stake that returns the same or less than the original stake shall not be counted and if placed during a winning streak will discontinue the streak
  • Weekly Baccarat Tournament:
    • Side bets do not qualify
    • A player can play at multiple qualifying Baccarat tables, but bet(s) score are counted separately per table
    • If a player has a Consecutive Qualifying Win streak and places any stakes on Side Bets only or a bet that results in a draw, it will cancel the winning streak
    • Draw will not be considered as a win or loss for the Weekly Baccarat Tournament score.
  • Mr Green’s General Terms & Conditions apply.

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